The Studio Deias

The office commenced its activities on 18th November, 1972. Its registered office is in Cagliari, No. 75, Cocco Ortu Street. Its founder, Sebastiano Deias, a naval officer, is (was) a chartered accountant and auditor enrolled with the Register of Auditors. He always chose a philosophy of global professional service, that has become inter-professional – and includes consultancy, assistance and unlimited representation –giving juridical and technical assistance to profit and non profit organizations, with particular attention to religious organizations. In July 2015, the office became a multidisciplinary society between professionals and is now composed of 15 offices located in Sardinia, central Rome and Brussels, with a total office area of 3,200 sq.mtrs and more than 40 collaborators.
The office courts with a network of accountants, engineers, lawyers and notaries who work in different European and non European countries such as: France, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Morocco, Tunisia, Hong Kong, New York and obviously, Italy.
This expansive European network, that connects major independent professionals, provides solutions to the most complex of client’s problems, opening up new horizons and professional possibilities.